Yaswanth Vemulapalli

Hey there

How are you doing?

Well I just hope you are okay

Well to explain about myself I am just a Kid from a Mother’s Womb born to do no good. I am a big zero if it comes to Studies, a zero when it comes to friendship and a big fool who just believes friends and trust me guys it really hurts when someone you believe just simply cheats you be it in any aspect. When I started Cookyha Blog on 7th October,2017 the one thing that was fueling me was the taught that i have my friends who know me and I was living till 7th January,2018 exactly 3 months and on 4th December,2017 Cookyha Blog was upgraded to Cookyha Group.

The best thing in my life that happened till date is Realizing that I am just a big

Why does this happen to me?

Well I taught i Haven’t met the right friend who will help me but I am wrong. I am no good friend. To put it simple

Why Blame others when the fault lies in you

Yesterday was the day of realization for me because I trusted a friend with my personal issues and shared everything which I never shared even with my Sister and in return I received what I deserve. I was cheated about keeping my secrets with her and she just let out the secret.

Who is to be blamed ??

I am the one who is to be blamed. I just trusted her blindly believing People Change and gave her a chance to make a fool out of myself.This could have been less painful if she had told me that I can’t keep secrets and i will tell them which she didn’t even try to do.

This is what taught at that moment.

But the very next day I realised the biggest mistake I committed.

As always I saw the bad and neglected the good. My friend didn’t let out my secret for fun but if she hadn’t let it out the privacy of another girl will have been endangered and my friend did it to keep her safe.

As I mentioned earlier the fault lies in me. I have an elder sister and if someone does what I have done to that Another Girl I would have simply landed my bare hand on his face. Now I don’t know what to do or which punishment I have to undergo for the mistake I have committed.

Well by these experience one thing is Clear The fault lies in me and one sec can easily destroy the good will one posses for you.