Can Technology Delete Death?

Few prophets of the technological revolution are more respected than Ray Kurzweil, and his answer is Yes. One day, soon enough, science will deliver us from physical death, from the awful reality of mortality, and from the snubbing out of our conscious existence on earth.

Human evolution now demands such steps, Kurzweil says. “Our bodies are governed by obsolete genetic programs that evolved in a bygone era, so we need to overcome our genetic heritage” (The Singularity, 371). The idea of transhumanism is that we can evade our biological bodies — like a man fleeing out the top hatch of a damaged submarine, or maybe more like a thumb drive escaping the top hatch of a damaged submarine.

Kurzweil is talking about a form of mind uploading — the ability to extract the cognitive dimension of the human experience, digitize it, separate it from biological mass, discard the biological body, and end up with some sort of consciousness contained inside a computer who is you, eternal you, deathless you. Continue reading “Can Technology Delete Death?”

Cryptocurrency- Boon or Bane

Cryptocurrency has been in news for a while now; it is surely new for many as it has grown in value and popularity in less than 1 year. Its steeping price has totally shifted the focus to this so called virtual currency. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of Funds, Operating independent of a Central Bank. This virtual currency has broken records of all sorts as People are slowly moving towards a Digitalized economy. There are some currencies which have gained immense popularity like Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum etc.

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A Very commonly used abbreviation “I Don’t Know”

But there is more to it

IDK Corporation is a Japan Based Company which was founded in 1989. Started with Video Cables and RGB Splitters. And in 2015 they expended their territory to the USA and recently in 2016 they further expanded to Europe.

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Top 5 Sexy Smartphones Of 2017

Though we saw the launch of a series of Smartphones only a few catch the eye of the Consumer.

Every phone may not possess excellent features but it should possess the eye-catching build and looks.

The ones which caught my eyes were mentioned in this article.

1)Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus

Samsung’s phone design made a huge leap forward with the Galaxy S8. The front of the device is gorgeous thanks to its thin bezels and curved display, both of which give off a futuristic vibe. It’s clean and elegant. It also doesn’t have a

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Self Driving Trucks;The hazard for truck drivers jobs

Seen Clearly the Driver is seen siting at the back when the truck is navigating it selves

Rumors have it that self-driving trucks may be appearing on roads near you. In 2016, Budweiser ran a shipment 120 miles through the state of Colorado, successfully, with a self-driven truck.

Many questions arise from this technological advance: Will this cause a decline in drivers? How do they even work? And most importantly, how safe could these trucks be?

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The Technological Advancements in The Field of Fashion

As we continue to move toward a life of constant connectivity, there is no denying that wearable technology is the future of fashion. It only makes sense that we would want our clothes—like everything else— to interact with our devices.

We have seen huge advancements in the market for tech-saavy style, especially over the last couple years, and we aren’t just talking about trends for the dudes in Silicon Valley. Designers have joined the movement toward wearables to create stylish pieces that keep us fresh and make our Internet-obsessed lives that much easier.

From smart watches to pants that can charge your cell phone, function has become the key to fashion. Thanks to some game changing innovations the ability to control and connect to your clothing is more accessible then ever. Check out our list of the 10 best technological innovations in fashion, so far.

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