Cryptocurrency- Boon or Bane

Cryptocurrency has been in news for a while now; it is surely new for many as it has grown in value and popularity in less than 1 year. Its steeping price has totally shifted the focus to this so called virtual currency. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of Funds, Operating independent of a Central Bank. This virtual currency has broken records of all sorts as People are slowly moving towards a Digitalized economy. There are some currencies which have gained immense popularity like Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum etc.

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A Very commonly used abbreviation “I Don’t Know”

But there is more to it

IDK Corporation is a Japan Based Company which was founded in 1989. Started with Video Cables and RGB Splitters. And in 2015 they expended their territory to the USA and recently in 2016 they further expanded to Europe.

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The Makers of Today’s World of Social Media

This era can be referred as the era of technology and science.
And the makers of this world are being referred to as the angels of God. As God made this world we live and these angels made the virtual world.
Well to name the angels it would take few days to complete the list.
So we thought we will name a few who contributed the most to this world.

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