World’s best Comforter

Hello There

In this entire universe forget about about this universe even the minute particle in this very creation can never be able to provide the Comfort you will receive from this beautiful loving being.

As some say Money can buy anything but I strongly object their thoughts.

There is one thing Money can never get you close to it.

It is Mother’s Love and Care

Whenever you are dejected or rejected by the whole world your Mother will help you regrow your faith and recharge you with just one single heartfull Smile which will totally change your perspective towards problems.

I would like to Proudly say that I always spend time with my Mother every evening even though I am full of Work pressure or Educational Tensions.

Happy New Year 

Happy New Year 2018.

The previous year has been a roller coaster ride.

We have noticed that everyone are requesting for a new type of information site in which we succeeded and are working to improve your experience in Cookyha Group and promise you will have a great informative year ahead.

And Team Cookyha consists of born Councillors and excellent problem analysts so Team Cookyha will also solve any problems you come along throughout this year and forever.

Team Cookyha at your service.

Signing Off

Team Cookyha

One Side Love Stories

Disclaimer: All the characters in this article are real but the names are changed to maintain privacy and reader’s discretion is requested if names appear to be real.

My love didn’t start as it does usually in movies because Life is not a movie which only lasts for 2-3 hours.

I am now a 17 year old boy who pursued his schooling in the most reputed institution and undergoing his undergraduate degree also in a reputed institute.

Well the most important decisions taken by me happened in my schooling. When I was in 7th grade I liked a girl . Her name is Aashritha but since I am not so matured at that age

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