Manufacturing Life

Hello Visitor this is Yaswanth Vemulapalli Founder of Cookyha.

Manufacturing Life doesn’t mean test tube babies .

Test tube Babies can be a life saving opportunity for an uneligible individual, In this process a baby is grown in a test tube upto an age of 4-5 months then fertilised in the mothers fetus or in some cases in another women who is willing to be a genetical mother of the baby for the overall development of the organs of the baby naturally but with the help and support of Science and Technology.

Well but Manufacturing Life is totally a different in my aspect of life. Being a Student of Mechanical Engineering I will explain the process in technical development terms.

For a certain machine to work efficiently ( give the maximum output) there are many factors which includes:

  • Selection of Materials to be used
  • Selection of the size of the components
  • Place of arrangement/ fixing the components
  • Finally Checking the efficiency by applying test loads varying constantly.

Now in general terms or to explain clearly about Manufacturing Life.

To live an efficient life we need to take care of our actions and community around us.

You may not like this article.

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