Human Rights-A Universally Accepted Fundamental Right

Humans or Homosapiens were meant to be the most intelligent species on our planet earth; But Unfortunately Script never goes the right way. Humans certainly crossed many barriers and have achieved excellence in many fields.

Every achievement is always appreciated and acknowledged by each and every person but as they are achieved by selected people, they are highly rated. Humans certainly lack when it comes to perform in the humanitarian grounds or selfless work. It may be one of the points to argue about how negative actions can hamper our aim to strive better for better lives. No matter what NGOs and others contribute to help people it is just a matter of time when people collectively realize to work together and help to realize people about their rights. So basically how literate people make the lower sections of the society realize their fundamental rights and fight for their status and dignity in the society and is this Right benefiting each and every citizen of a particular country?
Humans basically acquire maximum Rights when they are born. It is not defined or written in any form or on a paper. But, many politicians often try to re-define Basic Rights of People and use them according to their needs. It is basically impossible to pin-point someone who regularly violates rules and regulations. This major disadvantage has led to difficulty in coming to a conclusion regarding the major beneficiaries of Universal Rights. With 2019 General elections coming up next year, Politicians do talk about all the basic amenities required by the common man. It is a true fact that human basic rights and other sections of life are interlinked to each other like a food chain. They do take the advantage of this situation and cleverly try to take away the attention towards them which in return has made people think selfishly and have forgotten the principles of life. Here is when literate people and people possessing with some common-sense do come to the picture. It is the responsibility of citizens of the “brainy community” to put a foot forward and help the other people to understand the exploitation they have been handling for ages. Many elite leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King junior etc. have spent most of their lives in earning basic rights for their countrymen which is certainly not an easy task.

According to me, the solution to this problem is that more and more people in small areas gather and discuss in detail regarding how this chronic problem can be uprooted successfully. My basic aim is to realize people that every human has there own rights and deserves some respect, help and opportunities in life where he or she can excel and make some good respect and maintain dignity in life.


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