Need of the Hour-A Visionary Politician

India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi showed great signs of a visionary and well-established leader when he became the 16th Prime Minister of India in 2014.His Oratory skills bamboozled the Opposition parties, His Unique ability to grasp the full attention of the people formed an Unprecedented force which led to his massive landslide victory for his party in 2014 General elections.

The manner in which He tackles a situation has been trustworthy. He took various hard steps to Curb Black Money.In fact, Demonetization in 2016 has substantially backfired him. The opposition has lashed many allegations on him but he remains as hard as a Rock. Well, my point is, Is he is the ideal Politician or Leader to take India to the next level or Every Politician is the same when it comes to handling work in local or Global level?

When someone hears about a Politician doing a Good job, Many People see this news with an evil eye as generally, we do not get to hear this kind of news all the time. Politicians are seen as evildoers and majority of them are only respected due to their dominance in public which they do with the means of money or fraud. There is a lot of difference between a Political Leader and a Politician. A Political Leader is the one who has vision and thoughts and can motivate people, whereas, Politician is considered to be a bribery stock and is same as a second-hand cars sales person who can do anything to sell his stocks. Some Politicians have the habit of mishandling situations in the public which in recent times has led to severe mass protests by people. The public outrage has led to politicians publicly confess their mistakes which have somewhat made the VIP treatment weaker. Many Wealthy Businessmen take advantage of the Ruling Party and funded many Politicians, who without any compromise are always ready to complete their work.

Many Politicians call themselves “Messiah” or who can solve the problems of common people. But the harsh reality is Promises are never kept or forgotten in the history. Many Politicians came and went but a ‘Peoples Politician’ or ‘Political Leader’ who always strives to help people for their noble cause is yet to be seen. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and American President Barack Obama are great examples of a Political Leader. They have led by example for many aspiring leaders. There simplicity and Respect for every section of the community has won millions of hearts. Controversies do surround every honest and hardworking person but who defeats the odds and comes in limelight is the one who survives until the end of this never-ending battle.

As I mentioned earlier, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to have all the abilities to be a Political leader rather than a Politician but as luck favors the brave, it is necessary for every aspiring political leader to defeat all the odds and pursue to achieve great heights.


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