Reviewing the smart jacket

Smart Wearables are not something new we are already using them in our daily lives like we have smart watches, smart headphones and also smart backpacks. But do we have smart clothing? Levi’s commuter jackquard by google is the first official garment which really allows user to interact with their device in a more comfortable way.
So where’s all the technology ? Its confines to a small region

okay its good because rest of jacket is free for what adornments you add on. The enduring active area is left cleave cuff which features 15 rows of fibre woven into the denim. These are of metallic textiles which are blending in such a way that feel and look like normal threads. Controlling them is very easy just by moving your fingers across or swiping along. Then they are transmited to your smartphone making do things. The one which transmits is wheather resistant snaptag which is flexible like a dongle which has led for notification alerts.And you can download the companion app from the playstore named jacquard by Google.
Features apart this is really a solid and comfortable jacket even for a guy does not do denim.

what it actually does? You can control music in your headphones by a simple gestures this is basically for biscyclors .
Use it for count, set a timer,alarm etc.
Recieve notification updates or even take calls.
Navigates you to the places you want to go while on a bike or by walk or in any vehicle .
Nice to go to store and buy yourself a new fancy digital smart jacket but its pretty too pricey now to buy for $350 .Google tells it can only bears upto ten washes because of its metallic threads . considering Jacket it does not worth because you can get the same one for half a price without the smart feature in it. So what ever think about it.


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