Corruption in the World

      The worst diseases in the world today is corruption, And there is a cure: Transparency

This quote truly signifies my aim and my decision to express my thoughts and ideas in a simple and efficient manner. Corruption has been one of its kind initiatives which have been running for centuries in every field of workplace. We all have one or another moment in our lives where we have to go through the corruption way to complete or fasten our work. So, what exactly is corruption? Is there any rocket science to understand the whole process? Let us find out!


So corruption is basically offering money or any other valuable item to fasten or complete our work easily and efficiently. This whole process can take place in a small or large scale. From small peons to big business men it is an increasing trend in the whole world.

Let us check some data, According to a recent survey by Transparency International, over two-third of the 176 countries and territories in the year 2017 were under the ‘severe index’ of the corruption main scale. It usually affects the weaker section of the society where people who are economically weak are not able to go with the wave and fall onto the trap set by the rich and economically strong people.The main problem of corruption is you cannot pin-point someone or blame someone for corruption, this type of illegal works are generally done without anyone’s notice like the 2G scam, Operation car Wash, Fodder scam etc.

Well it is a Million-Dollar question how to solve this problem? Well we all strive and live our life for one thing i.e. to be successful and to be successful it is necessary to be clear as water and bright as sun. So how do we achieve that? It’s Simple i.e. to be transparent in your values. Well My Quote speaks for itself; we need a transparent system in each and every field. This obviously is a long process but it is the best long term idea. Transparency is the core for Democratic countries like India, USA, Canada etc. Where people often believe in their favorite politician who is clean, honest and Transparent in his/her beliefs and Ideas.  A transparent system will slow down the epidemic called bribery or corruption and will purify and replenish the essence of Democracy. Honest Common Man, Politicians, rich men and every other who calls himself a Human Being if contributes to Make the whole system corruption or bribery free it will be sure a better place to live in.


I hope I am able to convey my thoughts and who so ever is reading is always welcomed with their suggestions.


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