That Very Moment

Disclamer: All the verses written in this article have a reference.(If you were unable to understand the meaning please refer to the reference section present in this article at the end)

That very moment is neither the future or past of this very moment. Always That very moment is this very moment.

That very moment you take the very important decision in your life which will decide whether you will excel in life or destroy the very next moment and along.

That very moment spoils and destroys the faith that someone important in your life possess towards you in the very corner of there heart.

That very moment decides the way you go which will either take you close towards your goal or make it impossible for you to achieve your goals.

That very moment decides whether you Live for the rest of your Life or gonna end it in few seconds abruptly.

That very moment decides whether will cast your life like a Piece of Iron Bar or will make your life a Piece of Cake making it miserable to go on and will never help you return to Cast yourself.

That very moment you commit mistakes which will simply make you go crazy and take horrific. Decide at that very moment to either live long to end it now.

Reference Section:

Stanza 1: Live at the present forget about your past worry about the present will make your future beautiful.

Stanza 2: One second is the time taken to speak something or abuse someone that very second is important

Stanza 3: When you abuse someone either in front of him or with another person it creates an negative impression in his or her mind against you which will not eraser the goodwill a person possess towards you.

Stanza 4: You possess a Great and Very important goal, You should work towards achieving it but one second or one moment is enough for you to deviate from your goal and you will not be able return to work towards your goal unless your are very firm with your work.

Stanza 5:One moment is enough for you to commit suicide and your life, similarly one moment is enough to live forever.

Stanza 6: One moment will help you scale new heights and will mould your career for years and years.

Stanza 7: One moment is more than enough to commit a mistake and how small the mistake may be,how negligible the mistake  you commit it will either mould or destroy your life.

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