The ugly side of cosmetic products

Cosmetics are applied to skin generally on face or hair to improve the appearance of the body. These contain a variety of ingredients, some of these substances may cause harmful effect on human health.
Some of the people use make-up daily i.e everyday even for hours then I Wanted to urge them “ you have committed a serious mistake”.

There’s several brands in the market like Lakme, MAC,Avon, PAC, Revlon,La girl, Clinique,Lo’real who sell these make-up elements in a store near you or online, but they do not tell what’s gonna happen using these beauty products for over a period of time.They may still advertise no harm but anyway these are no good. Initially it may be fine but after a while it’s shows its ugly face of it.


Chemicals such as Parabens can cause various allergicreactions like skin irritation, blotches, and blemishes on the skin. Another common allergen in cosmetics is Salicylate which can cause an outbreak of painful rashes or hives if you have sensitive skin.So read the label for parabens.

Hair problems

With varying trends in fashion, there are various hair trends that comes along. Hair products like hair gels, hair creams, shampoos, conditioners, and hair sprays contain several harmful chemicals which set your hair the way you want but end up damaging your hair in the long run. Extensive use of chemical based hair products could lead to dandruff, scalp redness, thinning of hair, and even loss of hair.
Harmone imbalance

The ingredients in your skincare products can also cause a hormonal imbalance? And throws side effects as loss of sleep, anxiety, mood disturbances, abnormal behaviour etc. Knowing is necessary,these ingredients that may disrupt your hormones.


Cosmetics like foundation and primer clogs the pores and making your skin not to breathe in. When heavier makeup gets into the pores of the skin, it can be difficult to fully wash all the makeup away before going to sleep. When makeup is left in the pores, it attracts dirt and oil, which in turn combine to create blackheads.

In conclusion, sustaining the after effects of cosmetics is too much trouble. I have mentioned only a few harmful effects to explain and give some information about it.

Hope it helps!


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