Robert Hooke, an English scientist coined the word cell as he invented the basic unit of life. Being the first one to describe the cell he would feel good to know the further advancement of cell. There are different kinds of cells in the

human body . Generally people catagorise them as neurons are long and hairy, cancer cells are strange and creepy looking. But this is about, actually looking into each cell and see the active molecules which are present in them and know its characteristics and behaviour so as to clearly represent and organize them as a map. Like the mapping of world which is organised as land and oceans. Each cell has its way of morphology.

The objective is to design a cell atlas or map of human cell by using powerful tools of modern genomics. It improves the understanding of working of healthy cells as well as what goes wrong when disease hits us. May be we can find cure and the real reasons behind diseases like ebola,cancer,hiv etc. A panel of 56 cell lines selected to represent various cell populations in different organ of human body, forms the map of cell . And few examples are CCNB1, CYCLINB1 etc.
Although there were 76 different cell types corresponding to human tissue types, they have been analysed and data is presented as pathology based annotation of protein expression level.A Cell atlas can be the perfect way to transform our classical way of approach to biomedicine. The chan zukerberg donates $3 billions and funds 38 pilot projects to help build tools and techniques for human cell atlas. I think mapping can make way to handle 37.2 trillion cells which make complexities easier and to defend diseases.


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