Neuromorphic Chips: The 🎮 of future 🤖’s

What is Neuromorphic Engineering??

Well to an short introduction about Neuromorphic Engineering.

Neuromorphic engineering, also known as neuromorphic computing,is a concept developed by Carver Mead,in the late 1980s, describing the use of very-large-scale

integration (VLSI) systems containing electronic analog circuits to mimic neuro-biological architectures present in the nervous system. In recent times the term neuromorphic has been used to describe analog, digital, mixed-mode analog/digital VLSI, and software systems that implement models of neural systems (for perception, motor control, or multisensory integration). The implementation of neuromorphic computing on the hardware level can be realized by oxide-based memristors, threshold switches, and transistors.


When we look at how neurons compute in the brain, there are concrete things we can learn

Similar to our brain the Neuromorphic chips consists of several circuit chips which store information to operate from small robots upto the most advanced Military Equipment.

Neuromorphic Chips made there debut few years back when the Qualcomm company broadcasted a trailer of a Small Robot Pioneer which was equipped with a small neuromorphic chip which helped it learn the premises and adapt to the surroundings.


Now early this year September Intel has taken the first step towards developing new Computing Chips (i.e. Neuromorphic Chips). As projected in the video “In future I see a new kind of chip similar to a Human Brain which will learn the present scenarios and adapt itself. ”

As for one to learn a Language he needs to master both Reading And Writing even Neuromorphic Chips also has two types one which will learn from the Humans and act as per our requirement and the other learn by itself and utilize it against us.

Well but we should accept one thing If we could control and monitor its progress and works we can be sure that it works for us and us only.

If we are successful in monitoring its progress we can be sure that we get the necessary help regarding Emergency Services in fraction of seconds and we can also be sure that the crime rates and deaths rates will decrease with Geometric progression.


That’s it from my side will be back with a very interested Topic again.

Until then stay tuned.

Bye For Now.


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